Modernizing Your LBM Software System: When is the Right Time? [Part 2]


In our last blog post, we talked about the costs of keeping a legacy system and shared the stories of a few lumber and building materials (LBM) businesses that have transitioned to Epicor BisTrack® technology.

It is commonly known that LBM is a complex business—encompassing truss manufacturing, millwork, framing, retail, and more. There are many different components within the industry such as managing deliveries, accounts receivable, yard operations, and the front store. It can be a struggle to manage all those aspects, especially when you take into account labor shortages. Having skilled labor makes an impact on the bottom line.Modernizing Your LBM Software System When Is The Right Time Part 2 The need to consider how to address that skill gap and streamline processes to operate more efficiently to better serve customers is a lot to juggle. 

So, how can you use technology to do all that for you? LBM industries need to become more agile and responsive to growth opportunities through the use of technology. Many dealers have found that balance with BisTrack software. Making fast and informed decisions with real-time information—utilizing data, visible across the entire company, to gain efficiencies, improve profitability, and boost customer service. 

Sanford & Hawley, Inc. is an example of one LBM dealer that has moved from legacy software and fully incorporated the BisTrack solution’s functionality and flexibility throughout its business:

"We decided that we needed to make the move from ECS Pro to BisTrack software because we had a server that didn't make practical sense," said Bob Sanford, president, Sanford & Hawley. "We went out into the marketplace and looked at a variety of software options available to lumber dealers and supply houses. We had a team of employees from different areas of the company—sales, operations, and finance—look at the systems we were considering and everyone felt hands down that BisTrack software was the most user-friendly and accessible system." 

"We signed on to BisTrack software in late 2008 and went live in March 2009," continued Sanford. "After we trained our employees, we found ourselves looking back and saying, 'How did we ever use ECS Pro for so long?' BisTrack software is much more efficient and helps us provide better customer service. For example, with large commercial projects, there could be 100-200 invoices. With ECS Pro, we used to print the invoices, lay them down in piles on the floor, and then add them to Excel files. "Now, with the BisTrack smart views and dashboards, the information is exactly where we need it to be without the extra work. With BisTrack Cloud, we can open up a sales order from a smartphone at a moment’s notice."

"We've enabled staff to do tasks on their own now with BisTrack software. In the past, our sales team members would have to pick up a phone to ask when an order was going to be delivered. Now, they can easily see all that information in the system. A purchaser might want to see how much an actual invoice is and they can simply go to related documents to access that information. This functionality has taken the burden off the office and operational staff and empowered our entire team," concluded Sanford.

Read the full Sanford and Hawley success story here.

Posted by Kevin Hodge, LBM Product Director, Epicor Software


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