Trends in Talent Management


Dr. John Sullivan recently posted an article on detailing what he thought would be the top trends in talent management and recruiting for the coming year. A couple points caught our eye.

  • Remote work changes everything in talent management.
    The continued growth of technology, social media, and easy communications makes it possible for most knowledge work and team activities to occur remotely. Allowing top talent to work “wherever they want” improves retention and makes recruiting dramatically easier.

    Unfortunately, even though it is now possible for as much as 50 percent of a firm’s jobs to be handled remotely, manager and HR resistance has limited the trend. Fortunately, managers and talent management leaders have begun to realize that teamwork, learning, development, recruiting, and best-practice sharing can successfully be accomplished using remote methods.
  • The need for speed shifts the balance between development and recruiting.
    Historically, best practice within corporations has been to build and develop primarily from within. However, as the speed of change in business continues to increase and the number of firms that copy the “Apple model” (where a firm is continually crossing industry boundaries) increases, talent managers will need to rethink the “develop internally first” approach.

    In many cases, recruiting becomes a more viable option because there simply isn’t time for current employees to develop completely new skills. As a result, the trend will be to continually shift the balance toward recruiting for immediate needs and using contingent labor for short-duration opportunities and problems.

Both of these points underscore a position that Epicor has long held: the importance of understanding the new generation of talent represented by Gen X-ers (born 1965-1981) and Gen Y-ers (born 1982-1995).

These generations view themselves as top talent, and expect companies to work around their schedules, not vice versa. Employees of this generation have supreme faith in their ability to find a different job easily, and expect increased flexibility to be happy.

Recruiting and retaining Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers goes far beyond talent management. Having a stand-alone talent management suite does not allow the flexibility needed in reporting or the comprehensive data needed to offer a flexible work environment to young employees.When your talent management suite is included with your HR software, you can also take advantage of other tools your HRIS offers to keep these employees engaged and happy. Epicor can help you with this.

Posted by Malcolm Fox, Director, Product Marketing, Epicor HCM  



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