For HR, Eight Questions to Ask of Your Data


In a recent post, we discussed the emergence of data-driven insight as a priority for Human Resources. A common theme among commentators on the subject is the importance of asking the right questions to elicit the appropriate information from the data. In his recent Forbes column on talent analytics, Josh Bersin lists eight questions that span a range of HR-related applications that can be explored profitably. They’re certainly worth posing, and worth repeating here:

  1. What creates high levels of engagement and retention?
  2. What factors drive high-performing sales professionals?
  3. What factors and which people are likely to create accidents and submit claims?
  4. Who are the most successful leaders and why are some being developed and others not?
  5. Why are some locations more prone to theft and loss and what causes the variation?
  6. What talent factors drive high levels of customer satisfaction and retention?
  7. Where are the current talent gaps in the organization, and which ones can be predicted in the years ahead?
  8. What is the quality of the candidate pipeline and how do you better attract and select people who will succeed in the organization?

There’s a wealth of actionable knowledge residing in the data stores of HR; asking questions like these is essential to extracting it.

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