Hiring and Retaining Employees a Growing Issue in 2012


A recent survey by Federal News Radio shows that retaining good employees—in spite of pay freezes and cuts to employee benefits—will be the biggest challenge facing federal agency HR officials next year. It will be more of a concern to chief human capital officers than either hiring new workers or upgrading technology. Forty percent of survey respondents said the biggest HR challenges are the pay freezes and cuts to employee benefits that make it hard to recruit and retain talent. Network World’s Layer 8 blog also noted that recruiting and retaining important IT staff, particularly in the burgeoning security arena, is a challenge for every organization, one that is only going to get tougher. 

The UK-based technical news publication The Register adds to the chorus by noting that the real tech talent wars are being waged beyond the spiritual home of high-tech, and everyone is losing. “In fact, the greatest threat to the adoption of industry-changing technologies…may well be the dearth of talent capable of deploying them effectively,” says Register contributor Matt Asay, who also points out that non-technical companies are struggling to hire and retain qualified personnel as well.

What’s an HR manager to do?

Software is available to help increase the efficiency of every part of the recruitment process. Using a best-of-breed HR software such as Epicor HCM even goes beyond the recruitment process. Epicor HCM not only helps you find the perfect candidate, it also makes it easy to track an employee’s data after he or she is hired—an important tool for retention.

Technology is increasingly pervasive in today’s culture. Use technology to make it easy for candidates (including current employees) to find open positions available in your organization and apply for those jobs online. The easier you make it for candidates to find you, the more likely you are to attract quality ones. The more that candidates and employees see your organization as technologically sophisticated, the more likely they’ll develop an affinity that will be hard to break or leave.

Posted by Malcolm Fox, Director, Product Marketing, Epicor HCM


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