Amid Tough Questions, Talent Moves to the Fore


In the event brochure for Gartner’s 2012 Supply Chain Executive Conference, “Survive or Thrive in an Age of Uncertainty,” Talent Management is listed prominently under the heading, “Hot Topics.” We agree. Diana Van Blaricom, senior product marketing manager, Epicor Human Capital Management, took note of what she termed the creation of a “new normal” in terms of talent management in the workplace:

Employees want to feel that they have a career path. Managers want the best people on their team. Executives need to know where their next leaders are coming from and there is an added importance on retaining intellectual capital. But without a cohesive way to track incumbent versus required competencies, executing on talent management initiatives becomes an elusive pursuit.

Thankfully, there are technologies to assist in the pursuit of talent optimization; but it requires knowing how to “listen” to your HR data. The pertinent question is, are you merely managing your employee data or are you managing your talent?

In a post on CareerCurve™, the conversation about talent management and optimization is linked to the vicissitudes of the economy. Businesses want to staff up so they can support recovery, but they don’t want to be overstaffed if the recovery slows down even more. Ultimately, this means that talent optimization is not only a cost-effective solution to this conundrum, but also the safest one.

In broadest terms, talent optimization means making the most of the talent you have. But what does it mean in a practical sense? How do you achieve it? How do you know you’ve achieved it when you do?

A Software Solution

Today’s economy demands a more proactive, strategic role for the HR function in managing and optimizing talent. Managers and employees need direct access to human resource systems and information.

Epicor HCM automates everything related to HR in a single software system, enabling you to track, manage, and analyze all data for your employees, from application to retirement. Through automated workflow, you improve your efficiency. With powerful reporting and analytical tools, you gain a complete picture of your company’s workforce for better strategic planning. With seamless integration to Epicor ERP or an alternative solution, you gain a complete view of your employees. That holistic view is the beginning of talent management and optimization.

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