Unlocking the true value of ERP


The term enterprise resource planning (ERP) has always been synonymous with efficiency, clarity and a smarter way of working. But in today’s on-demand environment, businesses need to unlock the true value of their ERP platform in order to build competitiveness and continue to grow.

What started as a transaction-based tool designed to integrate and automate back office processes and disparate silos of information, ERP is today the backbone of successful organizations. But many companies are still just scratching the surface of what it can offer. With quick, informed decisions now at the heart of business growth, it is more important than ever for organizations to make the right decisions first time. This can only be done by having access to the right information, in the right way at the right time. ERP can help by turning mountains of business data into insightful information.

As our own research recently discovered, despite these technological advances many employees are still being asked to make uninformed decisions on a regular basis, having to rely on gut feel. Now, we believe that gut feel will always play a part in making sound decisions but actionable insight can amplify confidence and accelerate action. Having an ERP solution which can uncover and provide this information is therefore no longer a tactical consideration, but a strategic necessity when building an agile and responsive business.

New technologies such as social and mobile are continuing to unlock new sources of value that can be realised with ERP. In addition to the traditional benefits gained from process efficiency and the adoption of best practices, ERP is now enabling and enhancing decision making and collaboration across the extended supply chain. Embracing these new technologies and ways of communicating is the fastest way for organizations to become more agile and increasingly competitive.

To ensure that all businesses are able to unlock these new sources of value, ERP vendors such as us, must achieve two objectives. Firstly, to keep up with innovations and drive incremental advances to our solutions, but more importantly to re-define what ERP is or should be and how it meets the need of the business now and in the future. It’s this second objective that takes the industry on a new journey, one that seeks to fundamentally shift the future position of ERP within the organization.

For more information and insights from our office worker research, please visit our presentation on SlideShare.

Posted by Martin Hill, Vice President Marketing, Epicor International


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