Benefits of a Two-Tier ERP Strategy to Support Global Organizations


As organizations continue to expand, they always ask themselves a daunting question. How can our business integrate operations and increase visibility--to support strategic decisions, enhance efficiency, and adapt to new markets--between headquarters and our divisions?

That’s no easy task. And, the old answer of maintaining a single, global instance of an ERP implementation just does not meet the needs of growing organizations anymore. In other words, what’s good for headquarters may not be good for its divisions. And that has driven a push for a two-tier ERP strategy.

Learn how businesses are experiencing success and increased return on investment by implementing a two-tier ERP application strategy. You'll learn:

  • How to determine if and when your company is ready to go with a two-tier ERP strategy
  • Recent industry research on key drivers behind moving to such strategy
  • And, key business benefits of implementing this approach in your business

Presented by R. "Ray" Wang , Altimeter Group and James Norwood, Epicor.

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