Trailblazing UK merchants use BisTrack to power their businesses


Builders Merchants Journal (BMJ) recently published its annual ‘Trailblazers’ supplement, a dedicated analysis of trading trends among the top merchant businesses in the UK.

This year’s supplement analysed the performance of 42 merchants and produced a series of league tables including turnover, gross profit, gross margin, turnover growth, stockturn, sales per head and return on capital. Not surprisingly it was the national groups who topped the tables for turnover and gross profit. But, by multiplying three of the ratios together - year on year sales growth, stockturn and operating margin – the BMJ team create their ‘BMJ Index’ based on the ratios they feel are the most important and which produces a league table of ‘overall competitiveness’. Interestingly when performance is analysed in this way it’s the independents that top the table!

Could it be a coincidence that nearly half of the independent merchants included in the BMJ Index this year use Epicor BisTrack to power their business? We don’t think so. All of these ‘trailblazing’ merchants took the decision to implement BisTrack only after very careful consideration about what they wanted from an ERP system and undertaking comparisons with other solutions on the market. Some have been using BisTrack since the software was first developed for the UK market 12 years ago. Many have contributed to the development of new modules and played a truly pioneering role as the software has evolved into what it is today – a powerful but truly scalable and highly flexible solution.

The BisTrack-using merchants identified by BMJ as ‘trailblazers’ turnover between £21 and £152 million. They employ between 366 and 2,300 staff and include general merchant operations as well as timber and plumbing specialists. What they do have in common is a commitment to maximising the use of their ERP solution and to get the very best value out of it.

Bart Murphy, Operations Manager at MP Moran (no. 3 in the BMJ Index and 14 places ahead of the nearest national!), said that BisTrack gives the company total visibility and allows them to monitor and report on everything in the system. Mark Atkinson, the IT director at JT Atkinson, (no. 14 in the Index) said BisTrack makes an impact on everything they do and, five years after implementation, he has no doubt he made the right ERP choice.

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