The continuing evolution of ERP


The use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) has greatly changed over the last few years. This change demonstrates the notion that traditional ERP systems do not generally fit with the way we run our businesses and respective operations today. The latest trends, for example, show ERP rapidly moving into cloud and mobile environments. In addition, demands for data and system portability have seen ERP solutions use the internet in order to keep businesses connected and productive.

At the recently held Insights event in Dubai, Keith Deane, executive vice president and general manager for Epicor International, explained that traditional ERP has evolved significantly from rows, columns and layers of business intelligence. He explained that previously the ERP system controlled how businesses use the technology solution. However, today the need to customize ERP according to the needs of the user has risen. The importance of user experience has compelled ERP to evolve.


During the event Robert Sinfield, director of product marketing, also explained that disruptive technologies have been brought forth by commercial consumerism. The needs of the consumer are continuously evolving and they now need to have quick access to information, anywhere and anytime. This attitude is no different when it comes to ERP solutions. During the event, Sinfield also asked his audience — ‘is your industry immune to disruptive technologies?’

Customers today expect ease of use from their ERP. Increasing digital disruption has led to the evolution of Epicor ERP, creating a visionary blend of rich global functionality built on agile technology to make the solution easier to use, powerfully responsive and more collaborative.

According to Sinfield, Epicor keeps ERP relevant through its use of social media, for example, offering simplicity and ease of use combined with visionary technology and industry excellence.

The annual Epicor Insights event was attended by more than 240 customers at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai. The conference, which was held under the theme 'Kick start your business,' brought together Epicor customers, partners, and experts, all of whom engaged in a healthy dialogue regarding the best practices, strategies, solutions and insights in the industry today.

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