Epicor iScala 3.0 Now Available


Today we announced the latest release of Epicor iScala (version 3.0) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, featuring integration to the Epicor ICE business architecture delivering next-generation technologies and best-in-class applications that extend the power of the solution across business organizations. Epicor iScala 3.0 represents major enhancements to the entire suite of products to help keep your company on course, and continues to focus on global business capabilities to address the specific needs of our worldwide customers.

What’s New?

The design and development of Epicor iScala 3.0 is inspired by the Epicor product strategy – Protect, Extend, Converge. Epicor iScala 3.0 safeguards our customers' investment, extends capabilities and converges on innovative technologies to further enhance its value to organizations.

Epicor iScala 3.0 has been developed around four key areas:

  • Platform – Continuing to ensure that Epicor iScala 3.0 can leverage technical and functional advances to enhance performance, improve stability and deliver new capabilities.
  • Global Business Capabilities – The world around us is changing. Companies are under constant pressure to comply with ever-changing, more complex and demanding local and regional fiscal, statutory and business requirements.
  • Usability and Mobility – Delivering an improved user experience, while simultaneously delivering world-class functionality and extending the reach of Epicor iScala across the organization.
  • Customer Requests – Collaboration with customers to develop user-driven capabilities that improve process efficiency and drive organizational improvements.

Epicor ICE Helps Customers Gain Increased Agility, Flexibility and Mobility

Epicor ICE, a modern and visionary next-generation technology platform, delivers an entirely new way of interacting with Epicor iScala. The advent of Epicor ICE enables users with enhanced levels of mobility, accessibility and interactivity among business applications. Customers will be able to access, review and update Epicor iScala data via user-definable dashboards and composite applications, and more – extending the way our customers work with their ERP solution.

Extended Support for Single European Payment Area (SEPA)

With the introduction of SEPA – the European Union (EU) payments integration initiative effective February 1, 2014 – fast approaching, the latest release of Epicor iScala offers extended support for organizations to comply with the new business processes and payment formats, among other core provisions of this regulation.

Epicor iScala 3.0 Highlights

  • Improved performance, scalability and stability
  • Support for the latest technology platforms
  • Enhanced business insight using Multi-level Snap Searches to create user-definable drill-down queries
  • Increased efficiency through user-definable fast order entry and planning screens
  • Integration to the Epicor ICE platform delivering access to innovative solutions such as Dashboards, Business Activity Queries (BAQs) and Enterprise Search
  • Extended support for SEPA
  • And many more!

View a series of short videos to learn more about the benefits of the newest Epicor iScala release.

Watch for a series of blogs to learn how Epicor iScala 3.0 protects your investment, extends the ways you can use it, and gives you opportunity to converge on new technologies. 

Posted by Robert Sinfield, Senior Manager, Product Marketing


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