How to Jumpstart Your ERP Project


I am sometimes asked what the biggest challenge is when companies decide to change to a new system or undergo a large project. In my opinion, it is without question, getting the buy-in and active support of those people who will be most affected by the change…the stakeholders.  This includes company executives, managers and the people who will be dependent on the system to accomplish their mission.  How many times have you experienced a situation, be it a small project or a large-scale company initiative, where the result was a failed project or just a partial success?  Was the failure the result of a lack of support by one or more of the key stakeholders?  My guess is that most of you would answer yes.  What might have been done to help those projects succeed?    
 The Change Acceleration Process, or CAP as it’s more commonly referred to, is a proven methodology that can help you to manage the human aspect of change. When correctly applied, CAP will help your ERP implementation to be successful.  The CAP approach addresses three critical challenges: 
1. Leading Change through a strong, dedicated leadership commitment toward making the change occur.
2. Managing Change by gaining employee buy-in and belief in the change.
3. Managing Changes in Systems and Structures by making sure that your company’s systems and structures will support and sustain the change.
With its structured approach for building commitment and managing the human aspect of change, CAP can give your ERP implementation the jump-start it needs toward  successful implementation.  
For more information, download our white paper, “Organizational Change Management: A Structured Approach for Managing the Human Aspect of Change.”
Posted by Augustine Stagliano, Principal Business Consultant, Epicor


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