Global Organics Group Trades in Its “Sneakernet”



When Ted Landis became president and CEO of Global Organics Group in October 2010, one of his first orders of business was to implement an all encompassing software system that touches all functions of the organization, from finance to manufacturing. For the past five years the company has been growing by more than 25% each year and needed to become more technology enabled in order to keep pace in the fast-emerging organic and sustainable agriculture market.


Landis knew that adopting a uniform technology platform would help sharpen the company’s competitive edge and position them for strong growth. It wasn’t long before Global Organics traded in its ‘sneakernet’ for an end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from Epicor. Global Organics successfully implemented Epicor within nine months. Today, the company has the core of its business running on the solution and they’re already seeing great results.


“Epicor is helping us transform our business,” says Landis. “Integration was the key to becoming more productive and efficient. Epicor connects all of our business units onto one complete environment and gives us visibility into data that we’ve never been able to see in the past. This allows us to manage our business in a proactive manner.”


The Arizona-based company is made up of several business entities with domestic retail sales and distributors throughout the US, as well as international distributors located throughout Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Latin and South America.


“We are quickly gaining traction within the system,” adds Jeffrey Hoelzel, controller for Global Organics and project manager overseeing the implementation team. “We started with the financial and manufacturing modules first and have accomplished quite a lot. From a financial standpoint, we have greater visibility into accounts receivable and accounts payable. We’ve also completely automated our inventory management processes. Overall, the transition to a modern ERP solution has given us seamless access to understanding the pulse of not only our own company, but our vendors and customers as well.”


Maximizing the performance of your ERP system is critical to driving your organization’s growth. Epicor is providing Global Organics with the muscle power they need to be able to take the company to the next level in business performance. The effects of ERP on business success, particularly in high-growth industries such as the organic and sustainable agriculture market, are significant and very much measurable. With an end-to-end business software solution Global Organics is able to respond faster to their rapidly growing market and accommodate the accelerated growth of their company.


“We are one of the few companies in our industry that is using this level of sophistication in technology,” concludes Landis.  “We have visibility into all of our raw materials and manufacturing processes in an automated fashion. This is critical for meeting growing customer needs and the demands of the evolving organic and sustainable agriculture industry. With Epicor behind us we can strengthen our competitive standing.”


Posted by Jessica Shelton, Social Media Team, Epicor



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