ERP – The Invisible Integrator


Today, ERP is all about inspiring decisions to help drive the business forward and promote growth, but how is this currently working in practice?

This was the main topic of discussion at our recent customer event “Insights” in Frankfurt, Germany. In his keynote to over 80 attendees, Keith Deane, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Epicor International, outlined why providing employees with easy access to the right information at the right time, is the key to making smart decisions. However, while in theory this may sound easy, reality shows a different picture.


According to a Redshift survey, many employees get frustrated as it takes too long to access the necessary information from their existing ERP systems. However, this increasing demand for instant access to data, is putting pressure not only on businesses to modernize ERP systems, but also to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, social and mobile.

As Robert Sinfield, Product Marketing Director at Epicor discussed at the event, technologies - from social to the Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud and 3D printing – all are game changers, democratizing the manufacturing ecosystem. Disruptive technologies like these enable processes to become extremely flexible, alter the way people interact and drive pressure to keep up-to-date with the fast-changing market trends. Factors such as transparency and traceability become important: leaders need to be able to track and monitor information and know what is happening within their organisation at any given point of time.

In this environment, ERP systems and these new technologies need to be part of the same solution where ERP becomes the central tool for providing contextual information. However, at the same time, the system itself becomes increasingly hidden behind its modern user interfaces for social collaboration, mobile apps and dashboards.

At Epicor, we recognise that needs and technology are changing and are constantly looking for ways to enhance our solutions and ensure a fast and continuous optimization of innovative technologies. Our development team works closely with customers, constantly tracking and measuring against strict targets. One thing that came out of the German Insights event was that to gain a competitive advantage, businesses need seamless processes that work, supported by a comprehensive ERP system. As an ERP provider it’s our job to ensure these systems remain up-to-date with the changing business and external requirements.

Posted by Epicor Insights Team


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