Quote to Cash: ERP Drives Performance One Play at a Time


In the game of baseball, there is a strategy of each player knowing who gets the ball and who they throw it to; no matter where on the field it lands.  Not only is there an automatic response; the outfield is talking; the infield is talking; the outfield is talking to the infield, and a good coach is sitting silently because he knows his team is prepared and has the tools to get the job done.  He knows that each player understands that when a ball is hit to center field, the center fielder calls it, catches it, and immediately throws to the second baseman.  It’s automatic.  This is a process that happens without thinking and that transcends departmental boundaries.  Can the same be said of the plays that happen in your manufacturing business when your customers throw a curve ball with a new product line, a change in release date or added requirement? 

For businesses with silos of information and fractured processes, the answer is ugh .. yet another change.  But for those that understand the value of end-to-end ERP systems where business processes flow from department to department, change is like expecting a bunt when a man is on first base and there are no outs.  The play is already set. 

In today’s fast paced business environment, speed and the ability to quickly respond are many times the name of the game in filling customer demands. Manufacturers that deploy ERP systems that cover end-to-end business processes know immediately as the product ships what their profitability looks like on each production job for the customer and can in tune see historically, every time I ship this, how my profitability is improving.

How you may ask? These manufacturers are doing this by enabling their business data to flow from estimating to production to procurement and finance as well as production.  This data is captured as it happens and every employee understands the benefit of accurate information – to not only help their business determine what customers to keep happy, but also to help their business determine what customers to charge more to or to fire.  Each department doesn’t run as a silo, with its own systems to support it.  Rather an ERP system supports the entire business and provides a natural flow of data between departments, not unlike the strategy deployed by a good coach.  In the game of business, reduce the silos to see improved profitability.  ERP technology can help. Epicor can help.

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Posted by:  Christine Hansen, Manager, Product Marketing at Epicor


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