Rewards Program Functionality for Distributors on Epicor Prophet 21


Similar to Epicor’s existing offerings for retailers, version 12.9 of the Epicor Prophet 21 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system now offers new Rewards Program functionality for wholesale distributors.

The rewards program will allow a distributor to reward their customers for buying targeted items. The distributor can identify which items or groups of items to offer rewards on, based on product group, discount group, price family, or supplier, and can determine how quickly their customers will be rewarded for purchasing these items or groups of items.

A minimum purchase level may be specified, so that a customer will earn rewards only after attaining the minimum. And multiple rewards programs can be set up for the same items, with differing accumulation rates, so that more profitable customers are rewarded at a faster rate.   

Programs can require that a customer register before earning rewards, or generic programs can be established, as well, which are automatically offered to all customers without requiring registration in the program.

Two types of rewards are available for use:

  • Incentive points can be offered for purchases, which can be redeemed for other charge (non-physical) items such as training sessions or premium trips offered by the distributor.
  • Co-op rewards can be earned and then redeemed for credit for advertising expenses that the customer has incurred, based on the distributor’s/supplier’s guidelines for joint advertising. The redemption of co-op rewards will create a credit on the customer’s account.

Earned rewards can be viewed within Epicor Prophet 21, and can be printed on invoice forms, as well.  In the Customer Master Inquiry, all rewards programs that a customer belongs to can be viewed, and the user can drill into a rewards program to see the invoices that contributed to that customer’s earned rewards.  (Rewards are earned when an invoice is created, not when the order is taken, but the inclusion of the item in a rewards program can be determined based on either the order date or the invoice date.) A summary of available rewards can also be displayed on the distributor’s B2B Web site.

Posted by Laura Barnett, Principal Business Systems Analyst at Epicor Software Corporation


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