Prophet 21 Instrumental to Achieving Growth Goals


From a 500 sq. ft. office and warehouse facility when Cohn and Gregory first opened in 1977 to five branches totaling 100,000 sq. feet at the present time, no doubt, the wholesale distributor of pipes, valves, and fittings is gearing towards expansion. With a mantra of driving customer needs 24/7, Scott Mahaffey, president of Cohn & Gregory was looking to improve efficiencies and accuracies to draw distinction among competitors.  
With facing challenges of a growing company, they needed a system with flexibility and user-friendly solutions that retrieve valuable information as well as provide the analytics to streamline operations. Scott Mahaffey explained, "We just didn’t have the ability to extract the business data needed to make real-time decisions," offers Mahaffey, "Our old system was so segmented and tedious to use." Prophet 21 Instrumental to Achieving Growth Goals

Beyond customer addresses and phone numbers
With the implementation of Prophet 21, the system provided a three-pronged approach to customer relationship management (CRM) system.  This includes supporting sales representatives to enable the progress of leads and purchases that define sales stages and other opportunities such as: 

  • Tracks customers purchasing habits 
  • Convenience to fax and email from the solution and generate lead call lists
  • Manages inventory at both the warehouse and enterprise levels
  • Streamline all order entry and purchase order procedures and 
  • Provides the capacity to operate like a much larger organization

Achieving business goals
According to Mahaffey, Prophet 21 was the most workable of all the systems they reviewed as well was the most impressive program available in the marketplace.  Mahaffey added "Prophet 21 has done a fantastic job of constantly providing our employees with timely access to information exactly when needed. It’s also given us the capacity to operate like a much larger organization and differentiate ourselves from the competition through the accuracies afforded through this technology. We have a very aggressive growth plan and Prophet 21 is fundamental to achieving those goals."

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