Accessory Items (a.k.a Go-Together) in Epicor Prophet 21


We touched on this topic in our last blog about software utilization; now let’s drill deeper into how to set up and apply this in order processing.

Accessory items are also commonly known as go-together items. A typical example would be when a customer calls and inquires about a flashlight. The Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system is capable of suggesting batteries that match this flashlight; possibly different kinds of batteries such as rechargeable, or alkaline. Why not list all options and automatically offer the ability to add to the order?

Other common accessory items include earplugs when a customer is buying safety gloves, tool holders when buying inserts, etc….the list is endless. So how do we get started?

The first way is in Item Maintenance. Simply add the battery options to the flashlight. We can also “scale” the batteries, so when the flashlight is ordered and batteries are added, the correct quantity is inserted; in this case, two size D batteries will be added. This can also be a 1:1 pairing.

The other way to pair up accessory items is with a job inside Epicor Prophet 21 to generate accessory items. Now we have plenty of options, starting with minimum percentages of orders to match to. You can determine the minimum percentage of orders for the parent item where the proposed accessory item was also ordered; i.e., if you always sold batteries 100 percent of the time you sold flashlights, the component batteries will be automatically added as accessory items.

You can also set other criteria for the parent, as well as for the accessory items: e.g., limiting to item classes and suppliers, or sales and purchase discount groups and product groups. On the component side of the criteria, we have the same options to filter, as well as service contract items.

Once the list is generated by performing a RMB (right mouse button) and selecting “generate accessory items,” you have the ability to uncheck items not wanted or needed, as well as scale them. Or if you want to auto populate the items in order entry, you can always unselect as needed. You also have the option to set the accessory unit of measure, and the parent unit of measure. Citing the flashlight and batteries example, this would be one EA light to one PK of batteries.

Remember, this is a great way to not only upsell the customer, but also to provide an easy method to add items needed to complete a task.

Posted by Neil VanWalbeck, Senior Professional Services Consultant at Epicor Software


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