Epicor Optimization Services for Prophet 21 and Eclipse ERP


Epicor Prophet 21 and Eclipse customers can take advantage of post-implementation Optimization Services to improve the return on their ERP investment. By leveraging optimization around key business areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, production orders and secondary processing, distributors will typically enjoy more efficient processes and better system utilization.

Common challenges in these areas that can be addressed through optimization include:

Accounts Receivable

  • Profit margins are decreasing and cash flow is becoming an issue
  • Having more customers on credit hold than on approval

Accounts Payable

  • Managing multiple dates and check payments to vendors
  • Having inconsistent vendor terms

Production Orders

  • Using manual processes for allocating materials
  • Using too many steps to create a production order
  • Having difficulty tracking an order in the system

Secondary Processing

  • Set-ups are taking a long time
  • Having to do multiple set-ups for the same process

Epicor Optimization Services help distributors capitalize on Prophet 21 or Eclipse system efficiencies to benefit both employees and customers beyond the ERP go-live date. Sometimes these efficiencies may be achieved by leveraging new or updated system features that have not been used up to this point. A typical engagement involves working remotely with an Epicor Application Consultant for about 2-4 hours to review and refine processes.

For more information about Epicor Optimization Services, contact your Epicor Customer Account Manager or email cams@epicor.com for more information.

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