Meet the Executive Team: Kathy Crusco, CFO


Meet Kathy Crusco, Epicor’s executive vice president and chief financial officer. Kathy brings over 20 years of experience to her role as CFO of Epicor Software Corporation, and came to Epicor in May 2011 following the merger with Activant Solutions Inc., where she also served as CFO.

Q: Kathy, what is your vision for the new Epicor?

A: For me, the vision is to be the fastest growing ERP company in the marketplace and I think with the combination [of the recently combined Epicor and Activant] we can do that. We have the best product and I believe we have the best people, who have a real passion for Epicor – now it’s really about providing the best service and with that, we’ll be the fastest growing ERP company.

Q: What is most important in your role as CFO that will help to achieve this vision?

A: The most important role that I play is working with the management team to ensure that we have the strategy to achieve the goals and objectives we put in place. I also think making sure our processes support that strategy so that we can provide the information and the best results is of the upmost importance. I view Epicor as a customer-facing organization and the number one goal is to provide superior customer service to our customers, both internal and external.

Q: What is your favorite weekend activity?

A: Going boating on Clearlake with my family – although it’s getting much more difficult to have my two boys (who are 17 & 19) agree to go on family outings with “mom and dad.”

Kathy Crusco

Kathy with her husband and son at his last varsity high school soccer game in his senior year. Kathy says soccer is one of her family’s shared passions.

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