How to Transform from Yesterday’s Distributor into Today’s Innovator


As online consumers redefine the sales and fulfillment landscape, today’s wholesale distributor is also changing. From keeping up with growing eCommerce requirements, to staying ahead of competition from Amazon, distribution businesses are under constant pressure to transform if they want to survive. To do so requires changing with the rapid pace of technology, so it’s no wonder that leading wholesalers are now investing in technology at twice the rate of their peers.

In the free report, “What Has Changed in Wholesale Distribution: 2015 & Beyond,” research leader Aberdeen Group explores how today’s relationship-driven, customer-connected era is turning yesterday’s distributor into today’s innovator—using solutions that support mobility and eCommerce to help provide a more connected and unified customer experience, and address shifting customer requirements across end-to-end channels, costs, and activities. The report reveals that today’s top wholesale distributors are remaining competitive, agile and profitable by:

  • Unlocking the value of integrated business data. Big data must be turned into intelligence in order to obtain the full insight and necessary clarity to make transformational decisions, as well as to drive down excessive inventory, reduce costs, and improve margins.
  • Using a “Control Tower Approach.” This is defined as a set of integrated processes and technologies that support a seamless flow of product from source to end consumer, regardless of the global complexity or the sales and logistics channel preferences of customers.
  • Deploying a solution that provides integrated workflows and collaboration. This should extend to all parties in your demand-to-fulfill network and across each inventory and fulfill/deliver stream. A best practice is to provide internal as well as "outside-in" orchestration.

Deeply rooted in your industry, Epicor Distribution provides fit-for-purpose solutions to achieve revenue growth, increase profitability, and drive customer retention. Technology solutions from Epicor Distribution provide the foundation for you to build inspired relationships, find new ways to improve margins, respond more quickly to demand volatility, and successfully manage inventory so that you, too, can thrive in the digital age.

For more on how to use technology to transform your distribution business, download the Aberdeen report now.


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