Reducing Shipping Errors through Automated Carton Packing


Do you have important customers that require special labeling or packaging information when you do business with them? Would it help serve your customers better to know what items shipped in what box?

Carton Packing functionality, now offered in Epicor® Eclipse® Release 8.7.3, allows distributors to efficiently and accurately capture the items and quantities shipped in each box/bag/bundle/pallet (a.k.a. carton), associate a unique ID to that carton, and label orders leaving the warehouse. At each step, logic exists to set defaults for the specific packing station, and required fields support barcode scanning to constantly minimize the amount of interaction that the packer needs to have with the mouse or keyboard.

Activity triggers are leveraged to allow users to configure actions that result in labels printing out automatically, with the right format to affix to the carton. Customer-specific product labeling requirements can now be seamlessly incorporated into the packing process, to reduce the cost of filling these orders to key accounts.

Will Call Queue users and Order Entry personnel can also quickly see carton-level detail, to provide better service to customers. For example, a customer service agent receives a phone call from the customer indicating that they didn’t receive product A. The agent quickly finds the order, sees which carton that product A was packed into, and can direct the customer to re-check in the box that also included Products B & C. If the customer did not receive Products B & C either, the agent can immediately re-ship all of the items from that box and research the whereabouts of the undelivered carton.

A distributor does not have to be using the Epicor RF Warehouse Management System in order to implement Carton Packing. Non-RF facilities can actually obtain some of the benefits of RF by leveraging wedge scanners in the packing process to validate that the item ordered is the same item that is being shipped.

RF facilities that deliver orders on their own fleet can take advantage of the RF Load Carton function, which directs the user in reverse stop sequence to scan each carton ID for each order on the manifest, to ensure that everything gets loaded on the truck. A planned future integration with the Epicor Proof of Delivery companion product will allow a Bluetooth-enabled carton ID Scan to validate the package all the way to its destination. 

Posted by Justin Ward, Product Manager at Epicor Software Corporation



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