Security as an Issue Diminishes as SaaS Solutions Are Implemented


Because security and privacy are high profile issues for those discussing software as a service (SaaS) as an application delivery method, anxieties among those considering incorporating SaaS solutions or elements are higher than for those using SaaS solutions and elements.


A recent study by Forrester Research showed that in companies where SaaS had already replaced or was about to replace a complete solution, the security concerns were lower than in companies considering or planning to complement their solutions with SaaS or using only some SaaS components. Forrester analyst Miroslaw Lisserman interprets this as a validation of SaaS technology: “To me, this means the following: SaaS solutions are more secure than perceived by many, since once SaaS applications are deployed and used, the security concerns decrease.”


Independent researcher and analyst Krishnan Subramanian says the technology-based SaaS security concerns have been overstated; the more cogent SaaS security issues are people-centric. “It is the responsibility of the SaaS vendors to educate users about their people-centric security practices. It is the responsibility of the SaaS users to get to know these details from the vendors,” he says.


This shift from concerns about the technology per se to concerns about the purveyors and users of the technology is an index of the technology’s maturity. Put simply, SaaS is coming of age. This maturity is evident in the growth of the sector itself, specifically in the proliferation of SaaS-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and its increasing utilization by small and mid-sized manufacturers, job shops, and distributors.


As participants in large supply chains, these smaller companies (and their supply chain members) are finding value in the increased functionality and security provided by more software as a service (SaaS)comprehensive solutions such as SaaS-based ERP. When compared with standalone and homegrown applications, they are becoming a wise selection.



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