New PartExpert GFX eCatalog Interface Helps Users Find Parts Quicker and Complete More Sales

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At last year's AAPEX Show in Las Vegas, Epicor gave attendees their first look at the revolutionary PartExpert GFX eCatalog Interface, designed to enhance traditional menu-driven lookup prompts with highly detailed system visualizations featuring embedded part intelligence. This year, Epicor is pleased to report that this innovative technology is working as intended, helping users grow sales, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

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"The GFX interface is helping drastically with finding parts for an entire project as opposed to just a single component," said Anthony Swingley, information technology manager for Cost Less Auto Parts, Vancouver, Wash. “It just makes it so much easier to break (the job) down and show the customer what they're looking for and what else they might need to replace. It's definitely helping us with add-on sales and bigger sales tickets."

Swingley added that the Cost Less Auto Parts counter staff is spending significantly less time performing online research-including visits to manufacturer websites-to help find the right parts for specific repairs. "Before GFX, we spent a lot of time on Google searches trying to find what we were looking for," he said. "It's much quicker now."

New PartExpert GFX eCatalog Interface Helps Users Find Parts Quicker and Complete More SalesSwingley is not the only user experiencing the benefits of the GFX interface. Available for PartExpert eCatalog users in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, the new interface allows businesses throughout North America to begin a parts lookup by simply clicking on application-specific system visualizations. Each illustration features embedded intelligence for all corresponding system parts.

For example, by clicking on a front suspension visualization for a late-model import vehicle, the user will see an exploded view of all available components-including struts, coil springs, control arms, tie rod ends, and ball joints-along with available original equipment (OE) and aftermarket part numbers. Clicking on a specific part within this view automatically performs a catalog lookup on that component. Additional data embedded within these links can include product images and specifications, warranty information, technical service bulletins, installation instructions, and other important information.

Developed with extensive input from counter professionals, the PartExpert GFX interface is a perfect fit for a new generation of eCatalog users who are more comfortable with graphical tools similar to those found on their personal computers and mobile devices. Those attending the 2018 AAPEX Show can experience demonstrations of the interface at Epicor's exhibit in booth 2238.

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