• Learn How to Better Compete and Grow More Quickly With Analytics Tools You Can Use Anywhere

    “Beyond Retail KPIs: Everyday analytics that boost business performance” eBook will help you understand how eight useful tools associated with sales and inventory can impact your top and bottom lines. Read it now to learn how your retail operation can:

    • Drive up revenues by using market basket analysis tools to identify affinity items and inform promotions, pricing, and merchandising
    • Prevent potential lost revenues and customer dissatisfaction from low-inventory views and mistakes that threaten stock levels
    • Pinpoint your most valuable products and customers to better understand their buying patterns and preferences
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  • Epicor is Trusted by These Industry Leaders:

    Armstrong Garden Centers
    Magnum Shooting Center
    Ace Hardware
    Northside Pharmacies
    D&L Farm and Home

    Epicor Drives Retail Business Growth

    Providing flexible, industry-specific software designed around retail business needs

    Tools for Retail Businesses

    Epicor provides tools associated with sales and inventory that can impact your top and bottom lines.

    Flexibility for Growth

    Sales volumes, cost increase, buying patterns--Epicor provides retailers the tools to track and adapt.

    Inventory efficiencies

    Better reporting from Epicor can help retailers reduce inventory and free up cash.

    "With Eagle Pricing Planner we set our pricing parameter by vendor, class, or cost and it automatically recalculates prices. Additionally, because it’s based on cost, when the cost goes up, the retail price automatically goes up. We gained upwards of 4.5 percent in margin from our outside vendors with Eagle Pricing Planner."

    Lori Terpstra | Owner and President of Rylee’s Ace Hardware