• Loss Prevention System

  • Loss prevention in retail today includes many areas of concern, but none more prominent than financial theft by employees. As shrink is discovered and theft techniques understood and prevented, new techniques always seem to surface. With today's store systems, the need to sort through piles of paper is largely behind us but with so much data originating from the stores, loss prevention investigators must have the ability to quickly identify suspicious behavior, analyze it, and know when to pursue further investigation. With Epicor loss prevention solutions the investigator's job just became easier.

    Epicor Loss Prevention software provides retailers with a powerful set of tools to decrease shrink, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of investigators, and provide detailed evidence and case management to aid in prosecution. Being entirely web-based, it's accessible wherever you may need access to the system—corporate offices, stores, hotel rooms, etc.

    Loss Prevention Software Key Features

    • Exception report management that utilizes user defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for on-demand or scheduled reports to identify problem areas and summarize suspicious activity so investigators can immediately concentrate on these areas, rather than search the database from scratch.
    • Quick focus investigator quickly researches transaction activity without waiting for reports to run. Key data points are conveniently hyperlinked for detailed drill-down to discern whether suspicious activity or patterns are fraudulent or innocent.
    • Employee tip checker is an employee profiling tool, giving a synopsis of all activity by a particular employee.
    • Case management tools are for the LP professional to open a new case, document new evidence, append the case with notes, report on case progress, and ultimately provide a complete set of evidence for prosecution.
    • Custom report-writing helps to identify new theft techniques or problem areas. Reports can be categorized and shared, scheduled for delivery, and customized easily with an intuitive web browser interface.

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