• Epicor® for Mid-sized Business

    Epicor understands that mid-sized businesses succeed by providing new, innovative products and services.  Your operations must be flexible enough to respond to changes in technology and market demand.  As the industries you serve mature, your competitive advantage evolves toward achieving cost savings, higher levels of customer service, and improved business practices.

    Epicor believes that mid-sized companies face many of the same challenges as larger enterprise organizations, but face unique resource constraints. You must reassess your competitive position and those of your supply chain partners on a regular basis, and position yourselves to respond rapidly to changing conditions in an ever expanding market.

    • Increase your profits.  Your investment in business software must show rapid and sustained ROI, helping you to reduce inefficiencies, optimize your operations, and improve profitability.
    • Ensure product quality.  Quality levels must meet your customers’ needs, and an attitude toward high quality must be instilled in all employees. Your business software must support your philosophy and enable you to execute on best practices.
    • Enhance collaboration with customers and suppliers. To be truly integrated and effective in your supply chain, you must understand your customer's product plans and participate at an appropriate level in product design. Similarly, your suppliers need secure and tightly controlled access to information in your business to deliver on their commitments to you.
    • Manage and strengthen customer relationships. You must know your customers intimately, at all levels in the organization, and cater to specific business and consumer needs at each level.
    • Operate globally. You need business software solutions that support international employees, customers and suppliers. You must meet worldwide regulatory challenges, and possess the ability to introduce products and services simultaneously into markets throughout the world.
    • Take your business to the next level. The right software solution can help you transform your operations today and execute on your long-term growth strategies tomorrow.

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