• Retail Software Services and Support

    Providing solutions and services for specialty, mass merchandise, and department store retailers is our business. With decades of experience, Epicor® CRM has the expertise to understand your needs, the technology to meet them, and the best practices to maximize the value of your technology investment. With our comprehensive services and support, we’re able to minimize your risk, optimize your performance, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

    By providing world-class services and support, Epicor client services enables you to concentrate on your core business operations, increase sales, and enhance your customers’ experience. Our dedicated, skilled, and experienced retail teams help to ensure the integrity of our applications, while maximizing performance and providing you the latest technology advancements, including upgrades and new releases.

    Epicor Client Services

    Epicor Retail's Client Services Managers (CSMs) are responsible for our clients and accountable for their satisfaction, beginning with the pre-sales process and continuing right through implementation and support. It's a commitment they maintain throughout each clients lifetime with Epicor client services. CSMs are empowered to make decisions and allocate the necessary resources to ensure your needs are met.

    Support Services - Client Care

    Epicor Retail's Client Care team provide your IT resources advanced technical expertise for all retail solutions covered as part of your software maintenance agreement. The team's main focus is to provide quality service levels ensuring our analyst's work on the right call at the right time. In order to accomplish this goal, a key objective is to drive reduction in call volume via trending analysis and outlining where change needs to take place (i.e., procedural improvements vs. software fixes). A primary focus is in permanently resolving issues that are not readily identifiable to your internal IT teams while providing workarounds to address day to day business demands.

    Client Care is your one-stop shop for troubleshooting software defects, defect duplication, issue resolution, and code fixes. Epicor'svalue-added client services ensures we are the voice of our clients working closely with our Development and Implementation teams. Whether there is the need for a single fix to be deployed in the field or a maintenance release to be tested in a lab, the Client Care team will assume ownership and provide updates in a timely manner depending on the severity level of the issue.

    Our experts can also offer ad-hoc, value-added services such as Help Desk training with a goal for your IT and Help Desk teams to improve their self sufficiency via comprehensive and practical training programs, which teach your teams to increase their knowledge base around diagnostics and troubleshooting, and to offer detailed documentation and post-training audits.

    Our goal is to ensure and provide software stability which in turn allows our clients to focus on their retail business needs!

    Direct-to-Store Support Center

    Epicor Retail's Direct-to-Store (DTS) Support Center is designed for clients who need 24/7/365 support for procedural, operational, and technical issues relating to Epicor Retail POS software and hardware. Our experienced, trained professionals have valuable product knowledge, access to an internal knowledge base to help provide quick troubleshooting techniques and workarounds, as well as defined procedures. Our DTS Support Center tracks and reports in real-time, providing you anytime access to various reports.

    Managed Store Support

    Our premium, full-service international Managed Store Support eliminates the need for your own help desk. Managed Store Support handles all of your software, hardware, procedural, networking and third-party solution issues. We utilize an internal knowledge base containing client details to best troubleshoot your issues and provide workarounds. Various levels of support are available —Level 1-3, dedicated teams, account coordinators, special project coordinators— to best meet your requirements and accommodate your level of project activities. This service eliminates the costly need to manage, staff, and train, along with the cost to provide software and necessary infrastructure. Our advanced telecommunication system allows us to identify each caller by client using a unique telephone number. Our team leads monitor the incoming call queue and are able to push calls through escalation when necessary. Clients are provided 24/7/365 anytime access to EpicWeb, whereby clients can perform queries to various status reports.

    Professional Services

    The Epicor Retail Professional Services group provides the right expertise— right now and in the right way— so you can focus on your business, while we facilitate each aspect of your project. Our service professionals have years of experience in the management, deployment, and support of large and complex systems. Our consulting services include Project Management, Solutions Implementation, Technical Services, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Database Administration, Custom Development, and Learning Solutions. Utilizing the industry’s best practices and structured methodologies, our teams will guide you all the way from your initial assessment, to definition, design, development, testing, delivery, and through support phases of your projects.

    Managed Services and Epicor Hardware Maintenance

    Reserve your resources to grow your business and let us tailor your simple to complex service needs utilizing our dedicated expert teams, providing you convenience and cost-efficiency. Epicor Retail's Managed Services include Redistribution Services with staging and depot, Epicor Hardware Maintenance implementation, hardware and software deployment, and more. We also offer full or managed application hosting environments, high performance system installation, patch management, anti-virus protection services, polling and data transfer monitoring, a variety of database monitoring services, as well as disaster recovery.

    If you are looking to drive sales, increase loyalty, and support the business processes necessary for you to be successful in today's competitive market, then you need Epicor Retail CRM Services. Let Epicor CRM experts provide the necessary database hygiene to effectively run your marketing programs. With a team of dedicated professionals at your disposal, we support many clients and offer efficiencies to improve operational security and drive down the cost of service. You can choose from our various services that include database maintenance, marketing support, strategic consulting, and ad-hoc consulting.

    Epicor Hardware Maintenance

    Epicor also offers its clients various Epicor Hardware Maintenance opportunities to maximize your technology investment and reduce your total cost of ownership. We can provide you with on-site service advance/exchange and warranty management customized and adaptable to meet and support all of your hardware maintenance needs. Epicor helps to ensure the reliability and stability of the hardware both in your stores and within your corporate office, at a competitive cost.

    Have questions about our Retail Client Services? Please call us at +1-800-992-9160, or ask an epicor expert.

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