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    In an industry where competition is fierce, margins are slim, and turnover is constant, retail training managers face touch challenges. Associate time on the sales floor must stay high, instruction must remain consistent across widely dispersed locations, messages must be timely in the face of rapidly evolving systems, and it all must happen under the pressure of tight budgets and cost-effective infrastructure.

    Retail trainers need easily manageable learning solutions that produce real performance enhancement and, in turn, boost company business. Epicor® can help!

    The Epicor Retail Learning Solutions experts are committed to helping your associates and managers perform at their full potential. Our team combines retail industry expertise and extensive background in all training modalities, from printed manuals to instructor-led classes to the latest in technology-based delivery methods. Our custom-produced digital multimedia and eLearning courseware offer the power of real-world simulation and interactivity, plus built-in tracking of training results.

    The Epicor Retail Learning Solutions staff will work closely with your store operations and training team to determine the optimal delivery method for your organization, selecting from a variety of formats including eLearning, video, classroom and train-the-trainer, store manuals, training video and audio, flip cards, and more.

    For additional information, contact us at retailsolutions@epicor.com or call 1-800-992-9160.

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