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    All software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers are essentially offering applications and in many cases infrastructure, storage and more in the cloud. The benefits of SaaS to business are growing daily. Access to SaaS solutions presents a great opportunity for companies to get their enterprise applications up and running more quickly. Software-as-a-service also provides businesses with the ability to significantly reduce operating costs.

    For several years, Epicor® has been a provider of enterprise applications offered via the SaaS model. In addition to offering SaaS ERP, Epicor also provides SaaS solutions for 

    SaaS HREpicor Carbon Accounting Software and more.

    Epicor ERP Integrates Seamlessly with Third Party Solutions - Epicor AU 

    SaaS Strategy

    The Epicor SaaS strategy is based on two basic ideas:

    • Complete choice and flexibility for ERP deployment. Customers can elect to deploy the entire Epicor ERP solution in whatever manner makes the most sense for them: in a SaaS model, on a on premise, or hosted.
    • Rapid, secure access to low cost value-added applications. Customers can gain access to value added capabilities quickly and cost effectively via a subscription service. This strategy aligns with Microsoft’s vision of Software + Services, where on-premise applications are supplemented by value-added solutions. Epicor is working closely with Microsoft to bring  On-Demand ERP to Windows Azure.

    Why Software-as-a-Service

    The Epicor software-as-a-service strategy is unique in that it offers complete choice and flexibility in deployment scenarios to customers. Customers can move back and forth and mix and match between multi-tenant SaaS, single-tenant (hosted), and on-premise virtualized deployments as required, all based on the same code line. Epicor ERP was built as a single code line using a service-oriented architecture to support differing sizes of business and deployment scenarios.

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