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Cutting costs and saving time through supply chain and third-party logistics management 

One of the biggest benefits identified by Steel Blue is the role Epicor plays in supporting the company's supply chain management. Epicor helps achieve supply chain visibility and remove processes that do not add value. It equips manufacturers to meet customer demands for faster delivery and lower cost by synchronising processes within and outside the company.

Halikis discusses managing the company's third-party logistics (3PL) provider with Epicor ERP, "Manufacturing is a large part of what we do; however, from a logistics point of view the material management functionality is very important. We have a lot of stock in Perth and we opened up a 3PL in Brisbane to service our East coast customers. 

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"We manage our 3PL relationship through Epicor and it helps us to cut costs with shipping. It has saved us a lot of time and improved efficiency."

Daniella Halikis, IT Operations Manager | Steel Blue
Company Facts

  • Epcior ERP

  • MRP allowing for better planning and scheduling of job
  • Accurate data leading to better information and improved processe
  • Increased visibility across the supply chain
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Improved 3PL and supplier management

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We manage our 3PL relationship through Epicor and it helps us to cut costs with shipping. It has saved us a lot of time and improved efficiency. It used to take us five to seven days to get stock from Perth to Brisbane, where as now it takes us two to four days. 

"We also use Epicor to manage our stock levels and get insight into what type of stock is coming out of Brisbane to our East coast customers," continues Halikis. Additionally, Epicor integrates with Steel Blue's 3PL warehouse partners for outsourced warehouse management. 

"We created a new plant in Epicor for the 3PL and we put a couple of BPMs (business process management) into the system based on certain criteria of where the customer is located and which plant the stock will come from. We then run the fulfilment workbench, reserve and release and the Epicor system automatically sends out an EDI (electronic data interchange) file order to our 3PL provider and they pick it, pack and send it. Epicor creates an invoice and sends it straight to the customer via email," says Halikis. With Epicor ERP, Steel Blue has streamlined manufacturing, supplier relationships, gained efficiencies and increased visibility across the organisation.

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