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Epicor Mobile Field service in action at subsidiary of the world's largest supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases Air Liquide Healthcare Australian (ALH) recently mobilized their ERP using the Epicor Field Service Mobility Solution. ALH required a streamlined service call process including the ability to scan bar codes, separate customer inventory lists, and utilize GPS map services for directions. 

As ALH's data base holds millions of field-service records a basic requirement was the capacity to handle large volumes of data. Epicor Mobile Field Service makes accessing this large pool of data easy and because it is truly scalable solution there is no limitation of number of users and size of the database. 

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"This is a total mobility solution which delivers a measurable return on investment to the business."

John Falconer, IS Manager | Air Liquide Healthcare
Company Facts

  • Deliver major efficiencies by extending Inventory CRM and Financial processes to their service teams on location through secure real-time interaction.

  • Mobile Field Services

Why Epicor?
  • Extends existing business processes from ERP
  • Fully maintained connectivity from ERP to device management
  • Rapid 6-month return on investmen
  • Greater business transparency enables accurate compliance, inventory and billing in real time

  • SLA management
  • Scheduling and dispatch management
  • Service parts tracking
  • Customer history
  • Service price management
  • Reduced data entry error
  • Increased compliance

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Epicor Mobile Field Service enables the ALH service teams to interact with their ERP software, securely and in real time while on location. Even in areas where they are unable to maintain a connection the teams can still work "offline" with the most recently updated information on their ruggedized Motorola PDA's. 

The solution interacts with GPS navigation systems giving the service team's access to bundled information in a practical way. They can locate a customer, view a current profile and view the job requirement or history of service calls. The solution also provides a real time view on inventory, enabling the tracking and transfer of stock from the warehouse, van or the customer site, it is able to record serialised and non serialised components and do this easily and accurately through barcode scanning technology. This enables ALH to meet the strict statutory and regulatory compliance standards governing the supply of medical equipment. 

"A cost effective solution delivered by a company who understands Field Service from the business process to the mobile device. This is a total mobility solution which delivers a measurable return on investment to the business," said John Falconer, information systems manager for Air Liquide Healthcare Australia.

The challenge 

Deliver major efficiencies to Air Liquide Healthcare Australia by extending Inventory CRM and Financial processes to their service teams on location through secure real-time interaction.

The results 

The ability for field representatives to access data when they're on the go has increased reporting accuracy, helping the company meet statutory and regulatory compliance standards.  

Bar-code enabled mobile computers from (Motorola) Symbol Technologies increased the accuracy of stock transfers and reduced stock loss by 50 percent. 

Overall data inaccuracies reduced by over 93%. The company experienced a complete return on investment (ROI) within 6 months of full implementation.

About Air Liquide Healthcare Australia 

Air Liquide Healthcare Australia (ALH) is a subsidiary of Air Liquide- the world's largest supplier of Industrial, Medical and Specialty gases. It's global network includes 550 production plants, seven high-tech research facilities and 28,000 employees. ALH has expertise and skills to service customers who demand the most exacting requirements for Mecical Machinert and consumables. Its home oxygen services are designed to ensure optimal education and safety and are supported by a home delivery network that supports the specialized medical equipment needs. 

About Epicor 

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