Customer Success Stories

Success Story Title
Boral Roofing Pty Ltd

"Epicor ERP was one of a very few products that could meet Boral’s need for a system that could manage a huge number of transactional projects, as opposed to simply managing ongoing or larger projects."
Simon Elleway, Digital Solutions Manager | Boral Roofing

Royal Australian Mint

"We are confident that the Epicor ERP system reflects what is happening in the business, in every area, every step of the way”
Ricardo Alberto, chief technology officer | Royal Australian Mint

St. Catherine’s Aged Care Services

Having our software in the cloud also means a faster response if we experience an issue, because we’re unlikely to be the only user experiencing that issue. The Epicor support team can then find and fix the issue faster, because they aren’t dealing with individual customers one by one. This is much better than with an on-premises solution where you have to wait for a technician to get around to seeing you.
Juliet Ye, Business Manager | St Catherine's

Kiilto Family Oy

“By combining Epicor ERP and iScala as a two-tiered ERP solution, all the information is gathered in one place.This has helped us to meet our business challenges and increase opportunities to grow.”
Ville Kenttä, ICT Service Manager | Kiilto Family Oy

SKF Automotive Bearings Co Ltd

“We achieved the highest sales record last year in our history. I believe this was closely related with the implementation of iScala.”
James Xu, Logistics Manager | SKF Automotive Bearings


“We would definitely recommend iScala 3.0 and ICE to all customers because of its great ease of use and support for management reporting.”
Cristina Neagu, Chief Accountant | S.C. Frigotehnica S.R.L.


“The benefits mainly come from us being able to improve the relationship with our customers. It means we can become more responsive.”
Jecan Alin, Economist | Radox srl


“The Epicor SLS system gives us access to more timely and accurate data, which means that we can respond to client inquiries much faster than we used to.”
Jane Pickering, Chief Executive for Eldercare.

Friendly Society Private Australia

“The more I use the product, the more I get those ‘light bulb’ moments where I think—Oh, that’s actually going to be really handy.”
Terri McCracken, Finance Manager | Friendly Society Private Hospital

Ingal Civil Products

“The major benefit of Epicor ERP isn’t just one thing; it’s the gains we have seen from verything in the system coming together.”
Rob Shore, Finance Director | ICP