• Epicor Commerce Connect

    Boldly grow with modern B2B eCommerce

    With online shopping growing increasingly popular in business settings, excite your business buyers who increasingly prefer to order online with an innovative customer experience that sets your brand apart and drives new growth.

    Epicor Commerce Connect is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that is tightly integrated with Epicor ERP to promote online business growth.

    Epicor Commerce Connect Benefits

    B2B Channel Support

    Manage leads, customers, contacts, and quotes—from opportunity to order.

    B2C Channel Support

    Offer the information-rich features that consumers expect, like powerful search functionality, product comparisons, guest and account logins, and payment options.

    Compelling Storefronts

    Launch an attractive, simple-to-use eCommerce site with your own branding in less time.

    Mobile Access

    You and your customers can access the site from any device. Your website is also fully responsive, adapting beautifully to any screen size.

    Real-Time Stock Levels

    Allow customers to see inventory availability and choose whether or not to allow transactions when there is insufficient stock.

    Special Pricing

    Extend your pricing strategies to your online channel with unique pricing by customer, contract, or product list.

    Customer Self-Service

    Encourage repeat orders and manage returns by offering customers personalized access to their quotes, order history, invoices, and shipping details.

    Global eCommerce

    Empower digital commerce worldwide with multilingual, multicurrency, and multi-storefront support.

    Master Shopper and Sales Rep Features

    Allow your sales professionals to act on behalf of their customers to order online if needed.

    Product Groups

    Create collections of products to sell by location or restrict purchases per availability, compliance, bundle requirements, or other factor.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Improve your search rankings to drive traffic and capture more customers.

    Site Analytics

    Gain insight into visitor and buyer activity to improve revenue growth.

    "We chose Epicor Commerce Connect because it integrated tightly with Epicor ERP 10. After implementing, our lead time reduced by two days - almost immediately! Our customer experience has been outstanding."

    David Traub, Chief Operating Officer | Rainier Industries

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