Are your Aged Care Solutions Up to Scratch?

Busy seems to be the new normal. Whether in your personal life or at work, it seems everyone is trying to do more with less. 

This change in society is running parallel with the evolution of technology. This means organisations must adapt at an increasingly rapid rate to remain competitive, let alone grow. 

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Posted by Lee Robbins, Senior Product Manager, Senior Living Solutions, Epicor Software

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Do you current aged care solutions still deliver value? 

As a business, you experience constant changes to client expectations and industry regulations, so if your aged care software solutions are static, then what once may have been an effective system could quickly become redundant and restrictive.

If left in such a rigid state, subsequent issues your organisation faces could compound with time. So, while changing aged care software comes with its own challenges, it is important that any deficiencies are dealt with swiftly. 

To use alternate business technology as an example, if you are like me you expect your smartphone, mobile apps, and email client to all work fluently together in an intuitive and progressive manner. However, in my experience, many organisations don't place these same performance expectations on their aged care software, when it should be one of the platforms which delivers great value.

The need for the right technology 

Through our own research, we found that nearly three quarters (72%) of Australian business leaders agree it isn't possible to grow without the right technology in place. While that may not be surprising, the same research found that two thirds (67%) of Australian business leaders identified that they are concerned about whether their IT systems can cope with the complexity that growth brings.

If your organisation is part of this majority, it is important you don't let such figures act as a form of comfort for any shortcomings in your own systems. 

recent survey by Epicor and MORAR Consulting found that to support growth and prepare for future challenges, 79% of businesses are making, or have already made investments in integrated IT infrastructure.

Therefore, it would be wise to prepare your business for competitive forces on the basis that your competitors have recognised the importance of using the right technology to aid their business and are now using aged care software that can cater for a growing market

Identifying your current aged care solutions deficiencies

If you have become fed up with your current aged care software platform, then it is important to stop and objectively identify why.

Through identifying the deficiencies in your current system you can be much better positioned to select a new platform which will better serve your business both now and in the future.

One way to start is to consult with your internal team and develop a series of evaluation criteria, which can form the basis for either upgrading your current system or selecting a new solution. 

In our eBook, the Australian Aged Care Guide to Facilitating Growth Through Software, we identify and break down 10 important elements we believe you should consider when evaluating aged care software. You can download a free copy here.

As an extension to the eBook, I have listed below three key components that can help improve effectiveness in aged care solutions.

1. Effective integration
For aged care organisations to be effective in a fast paced environment, they need systems that work fluently together across a number of business processes.

To provide an indication of what I believe you should expect from integrated aged care software, here is the functionality we provide in the Epicor SLS:

  • Resident Management
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Billing, Funding, and Claiming
  • Financial Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Procurement
  • Workforce Management

2. Agility
When selecting an aged care software system, it is important to do so on the basis that it meets your current requirements. However, it is also critically important that you choose a system that has the capacity to grow and meet the needs of your business in the years ahead. 

Additionally, when shortlisting software applications, you should also work to understand the vendors' commitment to continuous improvement and best practice developments. Having peace of mind in this area can help address the capacity of the platform to deal with potential future changes.

3. Specificity 
If your current aged care software was not specifically built for the Australian market, or was not purposefully built as a senior living solution, but instead catered for these as an afterthought, then it is likely you are missing out on key functionality that can help you grow

If you are about to embark on procuring a new aged care software platform, then it is important to deeply consider whether the software platform will be able to support your needs as the industry and its regulations continue to change. 

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