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Aged Care Software for a Growing Market

Category: Aged Care Services

It’s a new financial year here in Australia, a chance to grow, improve, and succeed. Like always, there are known and unknown elements that will present challenges along the way, but with an optimistic outlook, you have a chance to take some big steps forward. From speaking to our clients, we understand the common desire to grow, and with our ageing population, aged care is hardly a shrinking market. For those organisations that can adequately prepare for growth and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way, the upsides are significant.

Challenges in Aged Care can present Real Opportunities for Innovation

Category: Aged Care Services

Present challenges facing the aged care sector can seem overwhelming at times, however, for the savvy organisation they can represent opportunities for innovation and growth.

Improving Quality of Aged Care through Software

Category: Aged Care Services

In its discussion paper titled Let’s talk about quality  the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) made steps to establish and promote ideas of quality to providers of aged care services. This can have several perceived knock-on effects for your aged care software selection. As a key facilitator of aged care services, your software solution is a serious investment in your ongoing success.

Five Reasons to Move your Aged Care Software to the Cloud

Category: Aged Care Services

Technology moves at the blink of an eye. Last week we were addicted to space invaders, yesterday we got dial up in the office, and today our kids want virtual reality headsets for their smartphones. Well, it feels like that anyway. When the future manages to keep serving up such amazing technological advances, it is important that the choices you make today, don’t serve to place unnecessary restrictions on your organisation in the years to come.

The Olympics Reminded me Why Aged Care Software Planning is Important

Category: Aged Care Services

Watching the Olympics over the last few weeks acted as a scary reminder of how quickly the years fly by. It does not feel like 16 years ago that the nation was a buzz with the Sydney Olympics and now here we are waving goodbye to Rio. So, when I was reading some data this week on population projections, it didn’t feel out of place to consider projections for the next twenty-five to fifty years to be relevant for what we are doing today.

The Importance of Aged Care Financial Management Tools

Category: Aged Care Services

Managing finances for an aged care organisation is a tough task. Dealing with funding restrictions, changes to government legislation, staff issues, and general business pressures doesn’t exactly lack in the challenge department. 

Are your Aged Care Solutions Up to Scratch?

Category: Aged Care Services

Busy seems to be the new normal. Whether in your personal life or at work, it seems everyone is trying to do more with less. This change in society is running parallel with the evolution of technology. This means organisations must adapt at an increasingly rapid rate to remain competitive, let alone grow.

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