• Remove Barriers for Growth with Modern Financial Solutions

    Epicor Enterprise

    Epicor Enterprise offers rich functionality and unmet performance--providing a competitive edge. Epicor is introducing four new financial solutions that will raise your game and promote growth.

    • Be more responsive with greater access to ERP data through ICE Extend; real-time updatable dashboards, mobile, and search.
    • Simplify complex budgeting with easy to use and modernized Epicor Financial Planner (EFP)
    • Improve your cash position with Epicor Cash Collect, a role-based tool designed for your credit managers.
    • Reduce expenditures with modern, mobile and online procurement solution; Advanced Requisition Management (ARM)
    • Future proof your business with new releases that keep your business systems up to date and tools that go with you when your ready to migrate to Epicor ERP.

    CFO Insights

    60% of CFOs and financial decision-makers still rely on Excel spreadsheets to interpret data, suggesting their current systems are unable to give them the insight they need. Download the ebook below to learn more!

    Financial Solutions Designed to Enable Growth

    Introducing four new modernized extensions for Epicor Enterprise to fulfill the need for more accurate and timely data in a digitally connected world.

    ICE Extend

    Find greater access to your Enterprise data with
    ICE Extend.

    Advanced Requisition Management

    Reduce purchases and improve buying power with mobile, online procurement
    solution, ARM.

    Financial Planner

    Simplify planning and budgeting with EFP. Gain the insights needed to make smart decisions.

    Cash Collect

    Understand your cash position at all times with
    Epicor Cash Collect.

    Facing the Challenges of the Modern Enterprise

    Address the digital disruption, compliance, and complexity challenges faced by most CFOs.

    Instinct Meets Insight eBook

    Instinct Meets
    Insight eBook

    46% of CFOs and financial decision-makers are making important decision based only on instinct. Review the insights from a formal research study and learn how IT systems can make a difference.

    Financial Decisions—Peer-to-Peer Infographic

    Financial Decisions—
    Peer-to-Peer Infographic

    A high-functioning IT infrastructure will help CFOs embrace new technologies, address the challenges of big data and meet growing user and customer expectations in order to
    stay ahead of the competition.

    Financial Reporting—The Need for Speed

    Real Time Financial Reporting—
    The Need for Speed

    This Aberdeen report, based on a survey of 109 organizations, illustrates the need for real-time financial reporting, provides recommendations on how to create reporting efficiency, and outlines the benefits that organizations that take a real-time approach
    to reporting have seen.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of global companies and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. Businesses can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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