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Medion Indonesia

Medion Chooses Epicor ERP to Improve Customer Service and Grow Faster


Company Facts


  • Location: Bandung, Indonesia
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical and vaccines for veterinary
  • Website: www.medion.co.id


Medion has been in the business of producing and marketing pharmaceutical products, vitamins, vaccines, and poultry equipment for 40 years. With over 1000 employees across two production sites in Indonesia, Medion is an established industry leader in the local market and they have recently expanded throughout Asia and Africa. 

Due to their expansion and having an outdated legacy system in place to manage business processes, Medion sought an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that could match its company strategy for the future, and accommodate complex production systems. “We had reached a level of operational complexity that demanded the support of a more comprehensive and fully integrated ERP software solution,” said Henry Jahja, Associate IT Director at Medion Indonesia. “At Medion, we strongly believe that innovation is the key to staying competitive. It was important for us to invest in the right ERP system to provide the best service possible to our customers.”

Medion was using an old Epicor iScala system and turned to Epicor again for a solution that could accommodate its evolving needs. “Having a good existing relationship with Epicor, we trusted them as a partner that could support our growth and profitability, and allow us to stay ahead of the competition,” said Jahja.

Reducing manpower and time constraints

Jahja believes manpower is the greatest asset to any organisation. “Without the human capital to support your business, it would be impossible to grow,” he explained, “but burdening our staff with tasks that could have been easily automated was draining resources quickly.” Furthermore, because work orders and production inputs were entered manually, this was resulting in inevitable human errors and wasting of resources.

“Epicor ERP proved to be the right solution for our challenges,” said Jahja. “In addition to the advantages of an integrated system, we have been able to make reductions in the production scheduling processes and redeploy people from mundane tasks to value adding activities, bringing greater productivity and efficiency. Everything runs in real-time and data is accurate, which helps us to meet our customers’ needs much faster.”

Another important advantage comes from the shortened production scheduling process. Epicor helped Medion to integrate their production processes within the organisation and improve the way production planning is managed. What used to take weeks is now easily completed in just five hours, with powerful support for planning and decision-making. At the same time, the Epicor ERP system gives Medion greater flexibility to implement new processes without interrupting or disturbing the company’s current activities.

More reliable QC processes 

The need for quality control and traceability is critical to Medion’s success. Since implementing Epicor ERP, Medion has benefited from integrated quality control options and lot batch tracking that starts with the raw material and flows through manufacturing, warehouse movements, finished goods, and into the final disposition of the items. According to Jahja, “The ability to track products in process alongside inventory and finished goods means we have a more reliable and efficient quality control process, providing relief in the event of audit or recall.”

Working with local partner PT Inti Data Utama to implement Epicor ERP has helped Medion in understanding and providing for their customers’ needs. Medion is now able to provide a better quality of products and distribute products to its customers on a timelier basis. “Since implementing Epicor ERP we have more confidence that our customers are well taken care of, and we can focus on growing the business,” said Jahja.

Medion also appreciates that the system is easily configurable and easy to implement. “The flexible ERP system brings us so much value, enabling us to run at a much higher efficiency level that gives us a greater competitive edge,” said Jahja.

Looking ahead, Jahja hopes to introduce an interface module to machines, so that Medion can monitor the performance and effectiveness of individual machines using a dashboard. “We are excited at the prospect of introducing new processes, and the opportunity to leverage new technologies.”

Success Highlights:


  • Outdated system meant that many processes and reports were not supported
  • The old system required additional time and manpower to manage


  • Epicor® ERP


  • Automation of routine tasks created value added roles for staff to contribute to overall business goals and strategies
  • Automated same-day PO approval
  • Reduction in production scheduling process from six months to five hours
  • Remarkable time and manpower savings
  • Customised reports
  • User-defined reports