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Epicor ERP

Mr. Zhu Kang-Jian, CEO of Borche Machinery Co. Ltd., believes that Epicor has provided them with first class software services. He explains how choosing an ERP system is equal to selecting a method to run a business. Just one year after implementing Epicor ERP, their revenue doubled. Kang-Jian feels that Epicor has given him wings to become the most vigorous industry leader, not only in China but also in the world.

Industry: Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Video Type: Video Success Story
Duration: 5:38

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Epicor ERP is ideal for medium-sized enterprises. Its complete suite of solutions and SOA framework not only satisfies our requirements now but can also be flexible to expand and upgrade in the future to help Borch to implement lean manufacturing initiatives.

Zhu Kang Jian, Director and CEO | Borch Machinery Co., Ltd.