• Industry-Specific Software

    Thousands of companies worldwide run on Epicor’s industry-specific business software solutions. Each of these solutions surpasses traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide supply chain management (SCM), product management, financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

    Industry-Specific Business Software

    Tailor-made for the unique needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, and services, Epicor business software can be customized for a comprehensive range of industries and vertical markets. Epicor’s unique “business layers” approach is what allows us to provide next-generation business software solutions to support small start-up firms to large multinationals, in addition to tailoring software to meet the complex needs of industries from metal fabricators to automotive distributors to cross-channel retailers to business service firms. We know that one solution does not meet everyone’s needs. Epicor’s end-to-end, industry-specific business software solutions recognize the need to leverage geographic diversity on both the revenue and costs sides of business, so you can outpace your competitors with more effective and efficient operations and world-class customer service.

    Business Management Software

    In today’s fast-moving, ever-changing economy, Epicor understands the frequent drivers of change, and the created opportunities. Sometimes there is no predetermined plan for reacting to shifting requirements and market conditions, and we know that. We also know that delivering top level quality and process efficiency across the enterprise is what makes a world-class business that can produce pace-setting levels of customer satisfaction. Epicor’s next-generation business software enables you to optimize your entire enterprise’s performance, whether it operation, locally, within Asia, or on a global scale.

    Explore the Application Built Specifically for Your Industry

    45 years of industry experience are built into every Epicor product.

    Epicor software creates efficiencies in workflow, linking together not only sales and inventory data, but all related information from supplier to final customer.

    The Keys to Growth in Distribution eBook

    Epicor solutions drive growth for manufacturers by delivering integrated, real-time data, and the agility to respond quickly to changing market conditions and business needs.

    The Challenges of Business Growth eBook

    Epicor offers comprehensive service business software solutions that enable you to win and resource your business, manage service delivery, streamline financial operations and analyze business performance across the entire service organization.

    iScala eBook

    10 Characteristics of a Grow Getter

    Grow getters don’t just see everything. They know exactly where to look.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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