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  • Epicor Commerce Connect Information Kit

    A robust eCommerce platform that drives rich B2B and B2C online experiences for consumers, customers and suppliers is essential for your business’ success today, and exactly why we created Epicor Commerce Connect. Fully integrated with Epicor ERP, Epicor Commerce Connect enables customers to develop unique websites quickly and manage them easily—providing the necessary tools to deliver a powerful customer experience throughout the typical order lifecycle: from quote to fulfillment, and beyond.

    While many companies can provide eCommerce services, very few leading providers are able to deliver the value and rapid results that Epicor Commerce Connect affords. It extends business boundaries with a proven commerce architecture that connects business to consumers, customers, and suppliers—and enables Epicor ERP customers to utilize their websites to drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and grow their businesses. Find out how it can inspire your online business to greater success.

    10-Minute Overview

    Time is on your side—in just a few minutes you can discover the many benefits of Epicor Commerce Connect.

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    Epicor Commerce Connect Fact Sheet

    Commerce Connect supports advanced B2C, B2B or B2B2C online commerce requirements and creates substantial savings based on affordability, ability to implement rapidly, and scalability.

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    Discover the Benefits of Epicor Commerce Connect:

    Full integration of ERP and eCommerce
    Single database that simplifies platform management
    Around-the-clock service to all trading partners with real-time access to account and product information
    Leverages strength of a leading eCommerce platform
    And more
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