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Spahn & Rose

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Executive Summary

Spahn & Rose Lumber Company has been providing quality building materials since 1904. With 25 retail stores in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota and a distribution center located in Iowa, this 99 million dollar company depends on Epicor Falcon to run its operations efficiently.

After five years of using the Epicor Falcon system, Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. was looking for new ways to optimize their system usage. "We weren't taking full advantage of the system," says Ron Gansen, CFO. "It was time to take another look and improve what we were doing." Spahn & Rose brought in the Epicor Business Accelerator service. "We felt it would give us focus and a deadline with which to confront issues. We thought it would be money well-spent if we could refine our business processes to improve our bottom line."

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"Business Accelerator has helped us fine-tune our bottom line, as our margins increased by one to two percent. It really opened up numerous opportunities."

Dan Wachtel, IS Manager | Spahn & Rose
Company Facts
  • Location: Dubuque, Iowa
  • Industry: Lumber
  • Number of Stores: 25

  • Business Accelerator

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An Epicor business consultant came on-site for two days to evaluate the business. A few weeks later, Spahn & Rose received a detailed action plan with hundreds of recommendations to improve their processes and better utilize the Falcon system. The Business Accelerator service also included follow-up teleconferences to ensure forward progress.

Boosting Margins

Spahn & Rose looked at price rounding, Do it Best pricing downloads, and Falcon margin reports to improve their margin control. "We talked with our stores to ensure they were pricing appropriately based on their costs and monitoring margins through Falcon reports," says Dan Wachtel, IS manager. Ron also adds, "Our consultant made us aware of the different rounding options we could use for pricing, and showed us how to set up variable pricing. We knew those practices needed to change, but we never would have addressed them without the Business Accelerator service."

Tracking Returned Special Orders

Spahn & Rose had the consultant also focus on special orders. "Special orders are a large part of our business," asserts Ron. "Before, if we had a return on a special order, the returned special order item could get lost or ignored. Following the Business Accelerator recommendations, we now track those special order items in the Falcon system. Now the returned special order SKU is more visible in the system, which gives our salespeople an opportunity to sell those items."

Streamlining the Andersen IQ Interface

The consultant recommended using Falcon to interface with Andersen iQ so that quoting, invoicing and purchasing would be automated, consistent and accurate. "We implemented the Andersen interface a few years ago, but didn't use it. Now it's integral to our ordering processes, and it's working wonderfully. We save, at a minimum, one hour on every Andersen order and they are more accurate," explains Ron.

Making Improvements One Project at a Time

The Business Accelerator service has been very beneficial for Spahn & Rose. "Business Accelerator has helped us fine-tune our bottom line, as our margins increased by one to two percent. It really opened up numerous opportunities," concludes Dan. Ron adds, "Business Accelerator has given us focus and a direction. It's very worthwhile. Going forward we'll be able to implement and utilize even more tools in the Falcon system to further improve our business."

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