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J.M. Delaney Lumber

Company Facts

  • Location: Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Affiliation: Castle Building Centres Group
  • Founded: 1954

"This change was well worth the effort and investment. There is no doubt in my mind that Eagle is a much better system."

Bob Delaney, Owner | J.M. Delaney Lumber

Executive Summary

J.M. Delaney Lumber has been in the lumber and building materials industry for 55 years, providing both retail customers and contractors a full line of building supplies and hardware. Along with quality products, it's services like millwork, estimating, and delivery make J.M. Delaney a top choice for customers. To remain a dominant player, J.M. Delaney upgraded from Epicor ECS Pro™ to Epicor Eagle. J.M. Delaney chose Epicor Eagle for its flexibility, ease-of-use, integration, and speed. In just a short time, J.M. Delaney realized savings from the switch.

J.M. Delaney Chooses Eagle for Flexibility and Ease-of-Use

When faced with the choice of upgrading their ECS Pro hardware, or investing in a new system, it became overwhelmingly clear that moving up to Eagle offered more business benefit. Bob Delaney, owner of J.M. Delaney, comments, "It made little sense to buy a new computer for an older system, when it was time for a new system. So we explored our new system options." Epicor Eagle has an integrated accounting module which was an important feature in the decision-making process. "I used a separate accounting system with our ECS Pro system," Bob explains. "In the Eagle system, it's all integrated." Beyond accounting, the easy-touse reports with drilldown to detail, flexibility, and speed made Eagle the choice for J.M. Delaney.

Smooth Go-Live Reinforces Confidence in Eagle

J.M. Delaney went live with Eagle in May 2009. Three weeks before go-live, the employees took a training session on the new system. "Our employees were able to learn the new system very quickly. It's very easy to use," states Bob. "The conversion process was smooth. We transferred most of our ECS Pro data, and it integrated perfectly. And after the first day of go-live, the system was up and running perfectly."

Savings from Document Management

In just the first few months, J.M. Delaney saw dramatic savings with Eagle. For example, the company no longer needs to purchase tractor-feed forms. "It's practically a paperless environment," Bob asserts. "We will save $10,000 too."

The time and process of printing statements has greatly improved with Eagle as well. Sixty percent of J.M. Delaney customers receive monthly statements. "Now with Eagle and laser-printed statements, we push a button, and instantly the statements are printed. It saves hours every month," continues Bob.

With the old system, an employee would spend one or two hours every day, separating, sorting, and filing invoices. "It was very cumbersome, and one or two hours a day adds up over the year. Now we don't have to file anymore, we answer questions faster, and we removed the boxes of invoices in our basement. It's all on Eagle now," says Bob.

Accurate Quotes and Estimates

J.M. Delaney has also seen improvements in the estimating and quoting process. The integration between the ECS Pro system and their third-party estimating system was less than ideal. "Sometimes the prices between the two systems wouldn't update correctly, and we lost margin on some sales. With Eagle the integration is seamless, and we easily upload prices. I know our prices are current now," states Bob. "Also we had to manually enter a list of materials from the estimating system into ECS Pro, and of course there were data entry mistakes. Eagle allows me to upload an estimate and attach it directly to the customer account without needing to manually enter data. We don't have as many errors now."

Improved Inventory Management

Inventory has become more accurate with Eagle. "I was ordering too much before. Eagle generates accurate order quantities, so I order less inventory knowing that Eagle won't let me have stock outs," claims Bob. "Before, all the information was in my head. Now it's set up in Eagle, and I can trust an employee to order the right amount at the right time."

Order tracking and inventory flow also improved with Eagle. "We discovered that sometimes our drivers were delivering materials that hadn't been charged to accounts," explains Bob. "Our process has improved so that we know when an order is ready to deliver, and the paper work and accounting is all in order. We've saved a few thousand dollars that we would have lost."

No Doubt About Go-Forward Solution

Through the Epicor Web training modules, J.M. Delaney has significantly reduced the time it takes to get new employees up to speed. "Before, one of my staff would spend one week training a new employee," says Bob. "With Epicor Web training, our training time with a staff member has been reduced from one week to one day. That's huge in this business!"

"This change was well worth the effort and investment. Eagle is working very well for us. There is no doubt in my mind that Eagle is a much better system," states Bob.

About Epicor

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