• 5 Mistakes Retailers Make When Selecting a Software Solution

    Avoid these common pitfalls when selecting new technology
    for your retail business

    Choosing a new software system for your point of sale and back-office can be daunting. If you’re careful to avoid these five common mistakes, you will be better positioned for a successful transition to technology that can support your business well into the future:

    • Leaving out key decision-makers
    • Skimping on pre-implementation planning
    • Choosing software that isn’t tailored for retailers
    • Sticking with inefficient processes because they’re familiar
    • Selecting a vendor that doesn’t have a long-term vision for the product you choose

    Read the white paper to learn more about how these mistakes can cause your organization to stumble—and how you can avoid them.

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    Learn more about the five common mistakes retailers make when selecting a software solution.

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  • Epicor is Trusted by These Industry Leaders:

    ACE Hardware  
    Armstrong Garden Centers  
    Farwest Sports Inc  
    Northside Pharmacies  

    Benefits of Timely Business Data with Retail Software


    “The Epicor system really allows us to see consumer trends within the garden industry so we can have the right product at the right time and then messaging that to our customer. Epicor gives us the data to make sound finical business marketing decisions to get the best return on investment.”

    Desireé Heimann, VP or Marketing, Armstrong Garden Centers

  • About Epicor

    Epicor Eagle N Series solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of retailers and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Retailers can grow their business, provide an exceptional customer experience and streamline their operations. Epicor Software Corporation drives business growth. We provide flexible, industry-specific software that is designed around the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. More than 40 years of experience with our customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements is built into every solution―in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. With a deep understanding of your industry, Epicor solutions spur growth while managing complexity. The result is powerful solutions that free your resources so you can grow your business.