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Using Information Flow to Improve Profits, Quality and Compliance

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Are you finding it easier to grow your volumes than to increase your profits? If so, you are not alone. While most medical device companies are growing at double-digit rates, only 25% of companies are improving profits at the same time. These "Advancers" are less focused on cost reduction and more on product quality and design. They also use multiple software modules and are more likely to have information flowing across those systems. 

Using a connected software system appears to be critical to improving the cost of regulatory compliance. The ability to see your company not only at the business level but also at the production operation level can drive incredible business benefits. Join us for this webcast featuring researcher Julie Fraser and Christine Hansen, Product Marketing Manager at Epicor Software. You will learn:

  • What Advancers are doing differently
  • How not focusing on costs can lead to lower costs of quality and manufacturing
  • The negative impact of "overdoing it" with more checks and balances than regulators require
  • The role of software in streamlining compliance and supporting improvement progress
  • How integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and manufacturing intelligence support profitability

View this webcast now and discover how your medical device manufacturing company can grow, lower costs and increase profits with an integrated software system.