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Top 10 Reasons to Evolve to Epicor ERP 10 for iSolutions Customers

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The Epicor ERP 10 system has been designed for today’s manufacturing imperatives of improving visibility in an extended enterprise, increasing access to enterprise data, enhancing process automation, meeting the needs of the mobile workforce, and more. 

To equip your business for the challenges ahead, you will want to explore what the Epicor ERP system can bring to your business; the opportunity to reinvent the business processes you currently deploy by investment in new, agile technology. Between the lines of functional and technological value that we will be discussing, our ultimate goal for you is that you understand that you’re not alone in executing on your manufacturing business strategies. As your business gets ready for change, Epicor has the technology and expertise to deliver. Epicor is here to help.

View this webcast for:
• An overview of the top reasons businesses like yours are looking to change 
• An online demonstration of key components of this technology
• An understanding of how Epicor can help

We understand that your current iSolutions products (Avante, Manage 2000, Dataflo, Manfact, and Infoflo) are feature rich solutions and critical for your business operations. We plan no change for support and product development for these solutions. In addition, however, we understand that some of you are experiencing changes in your business that are driving technology change. We would like to be considered as a long-term partner and introduce the products and services Epicor has to offer your business in the transition to Epicor ERP.