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The New iConnect 2.0.7 and eCommerce 5.0 - Powerful Solutions

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Would you like to increase your sales by doing business 24/7 over the Web?

Do you need an easier way to integrate outside data into your Epicor system without a lot of programming or corruption to your production database?

Listen to a complimentary webcast featuring iConnect 2.0.7 and eCommerce 5.0 for Avanté, DataFlo, and ManFact customers.

In this webcast, you will:

- see how easy it is to import and export structured data such as XML or CSV files between 3rd party applications and Epicor ERP systems avoiding data corruption

- learn how the latest version of eCommerce makes it dramatically easier to build Web applications with far less code - giving you unprecedented flexibility in your choice of languages

- learn how the latest version of iConnect offers improved stability and a superior logging methodology to allow users to see what is happening without searching through phantom log files

Listen today to learn more about the latest versions of iConnect and eCommerce and how these versions can be powerful tools to help sales growth and increase the efficiency of your business.