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Take Control of your Organizations Purchasing Costs

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The spending habits within a business, and the control you have over them, have a direct influence on the degree of financial stability companies enjoy. 

Listen to a complimentary webcast on how to reign in unnecessary spending, reduce costs and gain increased visibility over your organization's purchases using Epicor Advanced Requisitions Management (Epicor ARM).

In this live webcast you will see:

  • How Epicor ARM helped one client save $1,000,000 in one year, and how your organization can do the same.
  • Ways you can get direct visibility to, and keep tight control over, capital and operational expenditure.
  • How Epicor ARM helps you conform to required legislation while eliminating fraud.
  • How easily Epicor ARM is smoothly integrated into the daily work routines of it users.

Epicor Advanced Requisitions Management ensures that employees can focus on their roles without distraction and adhere to internal controls that you implement to increase collaboration, eliminate rogue spending and rapidly generate ROI.

Watch this information-packed webcast today.