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Supplier and Item Stratification Webcast

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Supplier Stratification is the process of categorizing all suppliers based on a defined set of criteria to gain an understanding of your supply base and its critical aspects, and adjusting resource allocations in response to the findings.

Item Stratification is the result of a distributor's efforts to classify inventory into categories that enable the company to stock the right item, in the right quantity, at the right location. In other words, this tool will not help decide which products should be put into stock, but it will help with the challenge of figuring out which items should remain in your inventory. It won't take the place of forecasting, but does help with purchasing decisions.

Join our complimentary webcast to see why these methods are so important to your business, including:

- How to determine which suppliers you really want to do business with, and which ones you can likely back away from
- How to leverage supplier stratification to improve strategic relationships
- How to generate more revenue for your organization without investing more inventory dollars
- How to recapture lost gross margin, increase turns, and reduce slow moving and dead inventory

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