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Simplify Reporting with Epicor XL Connect

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Listen to this complementary webcast to learn about the latest features in Epicor XL Connect-a business reporting and analytics solution that provides real-time, secured access to Epicor data from Microsoft® Office Excel®. Now with more applications, Epicor XL Connect offers more reporting options, more data, and broader use within your organization.

Real-World Perspective: Hear how Chief Financial Officer Adam Gabbard, from Cylicron Engineered Cylinders currently uses Epicor XL Connect for all his reporting needs throughout the organization. Adam will be on this webcast to share his experiences and recommendations on this user-friendly reporting solution.

Watch this informative webcast to learn how Epicor XL Connect can:

  • Access real-time data from your ERP system
  • Give you the ability to combine the ERP data with non-ERP data, lookups, or calculations
  • Allow instant formatting just how you want it
  • Leverage Excel skills and worksheets you already have

Learn just how easy it is to create the reports that you need organization-wide with Epicor XL Connect.