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Run Lean by Speeding Up Your Quote-to-Cash Cycle

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For small to midsize manufacturers, developing a fast, efficient quote-to-cash cycle is critical to running lean. Because this cycle and the business processes included touch most departments internally, it's important these processes become seamlessly integrated across the organization. Organizations like yours that have developed these strategies have seen reduced waste in their internal processes and achieved increased profitability.

This webcast will showcase the strategies and best practices using Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help your business run lean. Some of the strategies to speed up your quote to cash cycle discussed on this webcast will include:

  • Creating accurate estimates in less time
  • Accurately measuring production costs on a job by job basis
  • Ensuring on time delivery in the face of daily obstacles with accurate schedules and real time shop floor data collection
  • Producing accurate and timely invoices from daily shipments
  • Continually measuring cash position and account for receipts in a timely fashion